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Vietnamese Brides — Can You Really Find Her Online?

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Honestly, online dating is rather popular in Vietnam — although it is not the main form of communication, it is heavily widespread among young Vietnamese girls. In particular, in 2019, there were over 1,700 brides who moved to the United States and married American men. So, you can see that there are plenty of girls you can find. But where should you look for them? Well, it is rather simple — here is a list of top dating websites that can help you find perfect Vietnamese mail order brides!

Top Vietnamese Woman Dating Sites In 2024

Most Popular Choice
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La Date
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It is very easy to find a girl from Vietnam online — you just need to find the right place where you can do that! And we can help you with that.

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Why choose Vietnamese women for marriage online?

A lot of Asian women are rather shy and reserved with strangers. Well, it is quite understandable considering strict rules that are common in Asian culture. But what makes Vietnamese brides so great is the fact that they are less reserved, silent, and serious. They are active, cheerful, and talkative girls who are eager to communicate with foreigners. You will never get bored with a woman from this country. And this what matters — the way you communicate with a bride. If you are interested in serious relationships and want to find a woman with whom you can start a family, you need to know that your relationships can be interesting, exciting, and unique.

Vietnamese girls for marriage online are also rather fluent in English, so you won’t find it difficult to chat with them, which is a common issue when dating Asian girls. In general, ladies from this country are very curious about American culture and the lifestyle of Americans, so you will find plenty of topics to discuss.

Apart from being interesting and fun, Vietnamese mail order wives are cute and attractive. Most girls from this country are rather tall, have white and smooth skin, and large eyes. What makes them different from Japanese or Korean women is that plastic surgery is not common — women from Vietnam prefer natural beauty.

Why do Vietnamese mail order brides seek Western men?

One of the main qualities of women from this country is being family-centric. In other words, a lot of girls want to start a family as soon as possible. But, it is rather difficult to do so in Vietnam since it doesn’t have the strongest economy. So, a lot of young women seek a chance to achieve their goals in the United States, where a lot of single men are looking for family-oriented women.

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But the desire to start a family is not the only motivation for Vietnamese brides to use online dating. Very often, women just seek American men because it is an adventure to live in the United States, in a country with a different culture. Some girls also decide to use an online dating platform because they cannot find a man who can support them financially and emotionally. It doesn’t matter why Vietnamese ladies decide to look for a husband online, you can be sure that all of them do that because they want to find serious and loving relationships.

How much does a Vietnamese mail order wife cost?

The cost for communication with girls for marriage from this country can be divided into two groups — online communication and real-life communication. Online dating is affordable in its essence — you usually can spend around $30 per month to have proper online communication with girls you like. Whether you are using a website with monthly memberships or a credit-based platform, you can be sure that you won’t have to spend too much money. Even though it depends on how much you want to date and how many dollars you can spend monthly, it is still possible to say that online dating is much cheaper than real-life dating.

However, if you are looking for a Vietnamese wife, you need to understand that at some point, you will have to meet her in real-life. It is nearly impossible to decide to marry a woman without seeing her in-person. Here is the average cost of dating a woman from Vietnam in-person:

  • Plane tickets: $700-750
  • Entertainment: $400
  • Food: $200-300
  • Hotel or decent apartment: $600
  • Transportation: $250


Now, you see how easy and convenient online dating with Vietnamese mail order brides is. And you will find that it is even simpler once you give it a go! Thousands of women from this country are looking for a nice and responsible man to start a family with. Maybe they are looking just for you!

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