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Japanese Mail Order Brides Online — How Popular Are These Girls?

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If you are interested in finding the Japanese wife of your dreams, we can help you! Check out this list with top platforms with ladies for marriage, and you won’t need anything else to find true love!

Top Japanese Women Dating & Mail Order Wife Sites In 2024

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Women for marriage online are widely popular globally, but we want to tell you more about Japanese brides you can meet online. These women are magnificent! How popular are they? Well, in 2019, there were over 540 girls who moved from Japan to the United States and received the K-1 visa. This number doesn’t include girls who just have serious relationships with foreign men. So, you can see that there are plenty of women for marriage who are eager to meet foreign guys.

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Why choose Japanese girls for marriage?

Asian women are unique — any man can tell you that. Apart from special beauty, it is important to note that Japanese mail order brides are smart, cute, and very loyal. But let’s take things slowly and talk about beauty. Women from this country respect and value elegance and charm. A beauty from this country is usually a woman who knows how to look good and what is fashionable at the moment.

A lady from this country is also smart — intellect is as important as beauty among Japanese people. Also, one can agree that having a smart, broad-minded, and interesting bride is important if you want to have serious and proper relationships.

Lastly, this is a country with rich culture. And one of the most prominent concepts of Japanese culture is the concept of kawaii. Kawaii means cute, adorable, and lovely, and most girls try to be as kawaii as possible. Of course, it doesn’t mean that your lady cannot be serious and sexy.

Why do Japanese brides seek Western men?

The reasons are different, to be honest. First, people from this country are obsessed with Western culture. Having a friend from the United States is great, but dating and even marrying an American man is a dream of thousands of young Japanese ladies. It is also possible to say that a lot of young women just want to experience something new, so they look for a foreign husband.

It is rather difficult to live in this country due to the huge population and small size of the country. So, girls tend to use online dating to seek a man from a less densely populated country. Some women also decide to become a Japanese bride because they want a better life, and marrying a man from the United States is usually associated with that!

While it doesn’t matter why a girl looks for a foreign husband, you can be sure that all of them are looking for serious and long-term relationships. All of them are looking for happiness, romance, and love with a man who also wants serious and committed communication. Fortunately, online dating is rather popular in Japan, so you will find plenty of girls!

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How much does a Japanese mail order bride cost?

Cost is one of the most popular questions regarding Japanese mail order brides. Well, you won’t need to spend a lot of money on communication with a woman from Japan. Online dating with girls from this country is exceptionally affordable, although there are a few drawbacks that you may face.

First, online dating requires you to use a dating website or app. If you are looking for a dating website, you need to know that there are usually two ways you can pay for online dating. The first is credit-based communication — you buy credits that you can spend on various tools and features. Each feature costs a certain amount of credits — you purchase credits in packages and then spend them as you wish. Flexible and convenient. We can’t say for sure how much money you can spend on such websites. Usually, credits cost around $3-5 per credit, but if you buy many credits in a package, the price per credit is lower.

The second approach is membership-based. In other words, you become a premium member once you make a single purchase. This option is better since it allows you to make only one payment and forget about paying anything else. Membership usually costs around $20-50 per month and includes all features you may need.


Dating Japanese women is one of the best experiences a man can get online. Women from this country are smart, cute, and loyal. And they are eager to date and marry foreigners as they are obsessed with Americans! If you want to be successful with a Japanese mail order wife, make sure you check the top list with the best websites with women for marriage from this country online!

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