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Chinese Mail Order Brides — How Popular Are These Girls?

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If you want to know more about online dating and where to find a suitable date, here are top dating websites with Chinese brides online!

Top Chinese Women Dating & Mail Order Wife Sites In 2024

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China is one of the most popular countries in terms of online dating — you can find thousands of beautiful women there. In 2019, over 1,500 girls who moved from China to the United States received the K-1 visa and married American men. And even more Chinese ladies use online dating for serious and long-term communication with foreigners.

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Why choose Chinese women for marriage online?

The first obvious reason to look for Chinese mail order brides is the fact that there are a lot of them online. The more girls there are, the better your chances to find an ideal date for you. There are hundreds of platforms where you can communicate and interact with women from this country. The second reason is the views of these ladies. They are many girls who are interested in finding long-term and family-oriented relationships with a man who is ready and mature to become a father and husband.

It is important to emphasize the fact that these women possess unique beauty. Some people may think that Asian girls are the same, but women from this country are different from Thai, Filipino, or Japanese women. Chinese girls usually have wider faces, bigger eyes, and fuller lips than women from other Asian countries. Lastly, these girls are simply fun to chat with! Although most girls are not fluent in English, it is still amusing to see how they try to chat with you!

Why do Chinese brides seek Western men?

First, these ladies know that three is a high demand for beautiful, family-oriented, and skillful women. It is also possible to say that Chinese females look for foreign husbands because they want to live in a different country. Freedom of speech is often violated in China, which is why a lot of young girls seek a chance to live in a country with better freedoms and rights.

Very often, a woman from China has to work and be a mother, which is exceptionally difficult. However, it is widely accepted that women who have children can stay at home and rely on their husbands. So, a lot of Chinese wives just seek a chance to marry a man who can provide for the family.

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How much does a Chinese mail order bride cost?

First, you need to know that you don’t buy a woman per se. You may hear the term ‘to buy a bride’, which simply means spending some money on online communication with a bride. Indeed, most dating websites are fee-based, meaning that you will have to spend some money to interact with girls. Fortunately, it is not as expensive as some may think — online dating is very affordable.

There are two types of dating sites that usually offer you a chance to date a Chinese girlfriend: subscription-based and credit-based. Let’s take a closer look at both of these approaches.

Subscription based

Here, to communicate with a date, you need to purchase a subscription. Usually, a subscription can cost you $5-30 per month. However, if you buy several months of subscription at once, you can get a certain discount. This approach is great because you get everything at once and don’t need to pay several times. The cost of such services depends on the site you choose. But usually, you can chat with Chinese mail order brides for just under $10 per month.

Credit based

There is another way to pay for premium features. A lot of sites implement credit systems. A credit is a local token that allows you to use any feature on the site. For example, access to 5 minutes of chatting with a Chinese mail order wife can cost 1 token. Or 1 gift can cost 3 tokens. You buy these tokens in packages — 10, 30, 350 tokens at once. The more you buy, the less the price per token is. Although the cost depends on the site you select, usually, you can buy enough tokens to spend in 1 month for about $30-50.

So, you can see that it is not that expensive to find a Chinese wife online. At first, you can spend around $5-10 to get used to things. But even once you get more experienced, you can spend under $50 and have the best time of your life with beautiful Chinese brides!


So, you now know that online communication with Chinese mail order wives is something that can be done easily and affordably. You can find a perfect date and bride from China online — you just need to try!

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